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We hope you enjoy the Match on a Fire: Medicine and More podcast. 

A moment of impact. Our goal at Match on a Fire: Medicine and More is to bring the best care as aggressively as possible to our patients. Produced by Shannon Sovndal, MD and Stephanie Sovndal, F-PC/FF, MOAF discusses hot topics in EMS and emergency medicine. Emergency providers, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters and first responders will enjoy the straight-forward and gritty approach to patient care as well as the honest reflections on the personal price of answering the call.

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Recent Episodes

Ep. 12: Pit Vipers: Rattlesnakes and more!

We look at the do’s and don’ts of treatment and how best to care for your patient. Finally, we explain how anti-venom works.

Ep. 11: CVA: Cerebral Vascular Accident and Stroke Care

We move from pre-hospital identification and care through the ER workup and treatment with potentially life and function-saving TPA and intra-arterial treatment.  Let the healing begin!!

All Episodes

Ep. 10: Hocus Pocus: Pre-Hospital Ultrasound

What if we brought POCUS to the pre-hospital setting and let EMS utilize this valuable tool?  PHUS (Pre-Hospital Ultrasound) is the focus of this podcast.  We look at the utility and feasibility of ultrasound in the field.

Ep. 9: COVID-19: Breathe In, Breathe Out

In episode number 9 of Match on a Fire: Medicine and More Podcast, we have a special guest on the show. Melissa Verseman is a respiratory therapist and critical care flight paramedic.  

Ep.8 Beauty in Chaos, Grace in Tragedy, and the Hope That Lives in Between

Today, Match on a Fire: Medicine and More is going to do something a little different. We are going to focus on the “more.” We are talking about Fragile: Beauty in Chaos, Grace in Tragedy and the Hope that Lives in Between.

Ep. 7 Heavy Lies the Crown – COVID-19

I have a special guest, Dr. Reed Caldwell. He is Chief of Service, Perelman Department of EM, and serves as the EMS Medical Director for NYU Langone Health System. New York is currently the hardest hit state and Dr. Caldwell is on the front line in New York City. 

Ep.6 From Skratch

Today, we are talking with Dr. Allen Lim. He is a model of greatness.  He is an exercise physiologist and has coached some of the best athletes in the world.  He was Lance Armstrong’s cycling coach.  He also is the creator and founder of Skratch Labs.

Ep. 5 Adrenaline Junky – To Epi or Not to Epi, that is the Question

While we know a lot about epinephrine, we need to take a step back to really look at it and see if we’re doing the right things. We’ll be giving you a little background on epinephrine, covering a recent study that everyone’s been talking about, and what that all means for our practice.

Ep.4: Shock n Awe, Damage Control

Today we’re covering the second half of our Shock series. Of the four different types of shock, today we are focusing on hemorrhagic shock. Why do we have to be aggressive when we treat it? What is the triad of death? What are the five parts of “damage control” when it comes to hemorrhagic shock? How can we make sure we get them from the point of impact, back home?

Ep. 3: It’s shocking. The physiology of shock.

Welcome to the third episode of Match on a Fire. Today we’re going to be doing a short lecture–the shortest of lectures–on a little medicine. Specifically, shock. We’ll talk about the dictionary definition, our definition of shock, and the four categories of shock.

Ep. 2: The Framework – An approach to medicine and patient care

On the first episode of Match on a Fire, we focused on the number 86,400 but today, we are talking about the number 3: 3 big pillars needed to work in the emergency medicine and EMS field…

Ep. 1: 300 Seconds. Choose to be Great.

Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Match on a Fire,” the medicine and more podcast. Today you’ll learn a little bit about us, our medical background, and what our podcast is all about. Today’s topic is about “being great” and what that entails.